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La Fornace Sorbo - Casapulla ( Caserta )

The ‘’Fornace Sorbo’’ deals with the production of handcrafted bricks and terracotta floor tiles, by using the finest materials and traditional techniques.
Our commitment continuously gives us the incentives to innovate and sharpen manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing a unique product.
The raw material employed for the production of terracotta is a blend of clayey soils, mixed with different percentages of water and pozzolana.
The initial phase of the procedure is based on the extraction of the clay; the clay blended with water assumes plasticity and gets workable; once dried, it keeps the given shape.
The following phase consists in shaping the single items.
The third phase is related to the natural desiccation that occurs in depots which are specifically geared towards the elimination of the excess water.
The last phase, the baking, takes place in furnaces at high temperatures; every item gets a different colour depending on the percentage of its elements.

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Why choosing terracotta

Our products can help you in different ways



It consists of an incombustible material that doesn’t even release toxic gases in case of fire. The composition of terracotta prevents the emission of any harmful substances to human health. In addition, it doesn’t keep allergenic agents.



Terracotta is manufactured manually by using ecological materials which are 100% naturals and respect the planet. When the dismantlement of terracotta cladding occurs,



Terracotta can be used in any corner of the house or business premises (walls, pillars, ceilings, floors). Once it is used and the creation is completed, no particular maintenance is needed, allowing a simple cleanliness and management. Although it is sturdy, it may be the possibility that it can break; when this occurs, its restoration is very simple: thanks to its interchangeability, it's only necessary to remove damaged pieces.


Reach us at the "Fornace Sorbo Antonio" located in Casapulla (Caserta) in order to know every kind of services we offer our customers.

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The " Fornace Sorbo" is passion experience reliability accuracy professionalism

Your partner for the ideation and creation of ovens for pizzerias and bakeries.

Whatever it will be for professionalism or passion, the Fornace Sorbo provides personalized products necessary to build the pizza oven of your dream, by using the best materials that guarantee stability, solidity and the perfect thermal insulation, respecting the highest standards of safety and quality.
If you want to change or substitute the baking stone because it is worn-out, request our pizza ovens of 5 or 10 pieces which allow you to replace your over without destroying the mouth of the oven.

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